About to start a new IT project?

Are you about to start an IT project?
Do you want to digitalise your business?
Are you comparing offers from different vendors and need a second opinion to select the best one?

We will evaluate your project with an in-depth interview. We ask questions related to the project team, the approach and the different constraints of your project.

Your answers allow us to identify blind spots, risks and issues. Based on this assessment a personalised report will be provided for free. This overview will give a clear overview of the problems you might face along the way. We will identify some tips and tricks to avoid or mitigate these risks and issues.

How can we help you deliver your project?

Via a project intake interview we provide a free report with a status of your project and tips and tricks to avoid the most common problems.

We assist with the vendor selection and propose partners who are the right fit for the job.

We follow-up the day to day management of your project, analyse your business needs and handle communication with your vendor.

We organise workshops with your project team, so they become familiar with the best practices to manage your project.

We analyse your project workflow and propose improvements to streamline your services.

Who are we?


Founder of WJA Consultancy, freelance project manager, tech enthusiast, has been working on different types of IT projects in various roles for over 14 years.

Wants to bring companies and their IT supplier together and assist with the successful delivery of your IT-project.


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